Elise - An Overview

Elise - An Overview

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Sq_09 claims “Actually challenging to get from. She'll try to Rappel to dodge your E, so Will not E when she has it up and is particularly in vary. You may E her after she comes down near you. She is going to consider to search for a Cocoon, but you ought to be away from selection for that.

waayWest claims “Not Substantially expertise, but she is easilly kiteable if she utilizes her gapcloser and stun early.”

chevy the sloot suggests “Updating considering that shes kinda potent as of late. Ask your staff to challenging respect her early. You difficult out farm her Therefore if you have to 6 you are able to challenging outscale and contest her. Banshee veil after your core is nice in this article. Also consider pink smite to exhaust her entire burst.”

Knowing he would've the antidote about his human being, Elise played the job of the remorseful wife, weeping and begging her husband’s forgiveness. Just as it appeared he could possibly be persuaded, she snatched up a knife and plunged it into his coronary heart.

White Cr0w claims “Used to be kinda weak following a tricky nerfhammer. Now she is powerful all over again Together with the buff to her Coccoon stun period. Be sure you evade it and try to be capable of burst her down together with your clone earlygame.”

iSpextor suggests “A superb Elise will coccoon you easily and get the job done immediately after hitting it also. Beware of Elise.”

nZk01 says “Dodge her cocoon You then gain early, she has fairly the negative obvious and if you only countergank her shes insanely worthless, just if shes snowballing she could become quite annoying.”

lolWillieP bandit says “A very good Elise will dump on Udyr. Nonetheless, most Elise gamers struggle with positioning (aka in case you are down below Diamond, Be at liberty to invade her). When you are diamond, then hope she messes up, normally you might be gonna Have got a rough time”

Her0mars states “This winner excels in early match snowballing, if she falls powering you will not have a problem peeling her, also she propbably might be obsolete without the need of kills.”

MrPuggles says “Elise is usually a rather tough matchup, with trouble varying depending upon the ability with the Elise. If it is a superb Elise participant, You can find not Substantially you are able to do to struggle her.

Sidenote, her early activity snowball possible is large, she can ruin all of your lanes if you do not actively Focus on probable counter ganks, counter jungling and opposite side ganks.”

Veralion suggests “Elise has a tendency to be really aggressive. She more than probably will try to find you at your topside buff. Take into account commencing topside and distinct down to not give her the prospect. If she are unable to land cocoon, she has no way to shut the gap among you. Respect her flash length in addition to cocoon's selection. She also is one of the best champions in the game at tower diving and will look to take action Each time a stacked wave pushes in. In case you are in a position to help and see a massive wave about to crash into a single of one's turrets, make sure you're in the region to counter the dive.

Chosokabe states “Her stun sucks. It isn't a Rammus taunt but it is going to certain damage your day. Make sure to keep on to your Q until eventually the thing is the animation start off for her stun in an effort to dodge it. If she isn't going to destroy you 1 v 1, chances are high It's going to change into a two v 1 prior to deciding to can eliminate her.”

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